The Museum of Avant-garde

Alexander Vesnin

Russia (1883—1959)
Trained as an engineer in Moscow and St. Petersburg, Vesnin managed to combine architecture with painting for his whole career. After meeting Tatlin, he worked with him on The Tower. In 1918 he was commissioned the decoration of Moscow’s Red Square, which led to many other stage design projects. From 1921 he took on a position at the VKhUTEMAS, whilst collaborating with the Institute of Artistic Culture – Inkhuk. In 1921 he also participated to the 5 x 5 = 25 exhibition, with Popova, Stepanova, Ekster and Rodchenko. In 1925 he founded with Moisey Ginzburg the OSA (Organization of Contemporary Architects) and published the magazine SA (Contemporary architecture). From 1930s throughout WWII his career suffered from the political climate change, which spurred him to limit his talent on painting and drawing.