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About The Awards

The MA-g Awards represent a special recognition of today’s creativity in the field of graphic design, photography and illustration. To make this happen, every year the Museum of Avant-garde invites three acclaimed and multi-awarded artists, who have been pioneers in their respective fields and promoters of their art in the world. These artists partner up with The Museum as exclusive Judges in their discipline - so that every year the awards take on the name of the Judge collaborating on that edition. As the Judges change for each edition, their Awards are truly a ‘one in a lifetime’ opportunity for participants to be judged by these living legends.

Furthermore, the winning artworks and the shortlisted artworks will become part of the contemporary collection of the Museum and will be displayed online and in the Museum future exhibitions. In 2021 the Museum of Avant-garde launched its first ever programme of awards with the invaluable support and contribution from William Klein, Tom Geismar and Seymour Chwast. Last year the Museum of Avant-garde was delighted to extend his partnership to three remarkable judges: Duane Michals for photography, Henry Steiner for graphic design, and Gerald Scarfe for illustration. This year the MA-g is honoured to introduce three extraordinary judges and to launch a set of multi-category awards:

The 2023 Nobuyoshi Araki MA-g Awards for photography
The 2023 Maciej Hibner MA-g Awards for illustration
The 2023 Fritz Gottschalk MA-g Awards for graphic design

The 2023 edition of the MA-g Awards ended on 30th June. All entries are now closed. The new edition will be launched at the beginning of 2024, when new judges will be communicated. The MA-g Awards will reopen in March 2024. Thank you for your interest in The Museum of Avant-garde and MA-g Awards programme.

Former judges

Duane Michals

Gerald Scarfe

Henry Steiner

William Klein

Seymour Chwast

Tom Geismar