The Museum of Avant-garde

About The Awards

The MA-g Awards represent a special recognition for ‘best in class’ works that have just been accepted to The Museum of Avant-garde contemporary collection. To make this happen, three acclaimed and multi-award winning artists will partner up with the Museum to award some of the new contemporary collection talents, for the compelling artistic value and significance they have given to graphic design, photography and illustration as disciplines deeply rooted in the arts and culture of our times.

Every year the Museum of Avant-garde collaborates with incredible Judges, who have become pioneers in their respective fields and promoters of their art in the world. As the Judges change for each edition, their Awards are truly a ‘one in a lifetime’ opportunity for participants to be judged by these living legends.

In 2021 The Museum of Avant-garde will launch its first ever programme to award artists, who have enhanced through their work the impact of visual arts and have joined the MA-g contemporary collection. For this year, The Museum of Avant-garde is honoured to collaborate with three outstanding Judges and present their Awards for photography, illustration and graphic design respectively:

2021 William Klein MA-g Awards
2021 Seymour Chwast MA-g Awards
2021 Tom Geismar MA-g Awards

Detailed information about the categories and sub-categories and the entry requirements are available in the entry pack. Entries are open between 15th March and 30th June 2021 for participants to take part in the selection programme and have the possibility to be shortlisted for the MA-g Awards. Participants are required to sign up to receive updates on the contemporary collection selection and this year’s Judges MA-g Awards.