The Museum of Avant-garde

Avant-Garde Collection

In its permanent collection MA-g brings together a unique crosscut of the avant-garde most renown artists, coming together from different education and backgrounds. Among them, it counts figurative artists such as Kandinsky, Picasso, Maljevič, architects such as Le Corbusier, Gropius and Meyer, but also some of the world’s most innovative photographers from Moholy-Nagy to Rodchenko and Man Ray, designers like Eames, Bayer and authors such as Seuphor, Breton and Tzara.

It also includes works that might be less commonly known by the general public and authored by inventive and talented figures, who distinguished themselves and brought forward the avant-garde inspiration and its revolutionary spirit in Europe, America and Asia. Not only members of the most established avant-garde movements, but also members of the smaller groups, that sparkled an unparalleled magnitude of artistic prowess and showed the interconnectedness of the avant-gardes. The MA-g historical collection edited over the course of the past few years is an original and possibly an unexpected one, one of the few fully available to the widest public today, that exhibits major artists’ less known works, quaint artefacts, entire photographic and graphic series, rare editions, and privately owned journal issues; it is a collection that aims to truthfully render an accurate picture of the avant-garde uprising and experimentation and the inspirational ground they created around them.

The majority of this anthology has already been retrieved to protect its historical value but, as new acquisitions are being digitised, the MA-g online collection gets constantly updated, in the pursuit of enliven new disciplines and to uphold radical and leading edge expressions of creativity.