The Museum of Avant-garde

Georges Braque

France (1882—1963)
Trained as house painter and decorator, Braque started to study painting and visual arts in Le Havre initially following an impressionistic style. In 1905 he came in contact with the work of Matisse and adopted a Fauvist approach. He first exhibited at the Salon des Indépendants. The 1907 Cézanne retrospective greatly influenced Braque, who started to explore the use of more accentuated geometry, light and shade and multiple perspective. During his collaboration with Picasso he developed the Analytic Cubism, producing monochromatic colour paintings, until the WWI started and Braque artistic career came to a halt. In 1917 he moved to Normandy and restarted to work on paintings, sculptures and graphics. His style became less angular and saw more seascapes and even human figures. In his last period he produced also lithographs and illustrations at Mourlot’s studio. He died in 1963 in Normandy.