The Museum of Avant-garde

Marius de Zayas

Mexico (1880—1961)
Born in Veracruz, de Zayas started his career as an illustrator in his father’s newspaper. Leaving Mexico for New York for political reasons, de Zayas met Alfred Stieglitz and collaborated on his Camera Work. Stieglitz exhibited his caricatures on fully scale boards at the 291 gallery. He traveled to Paris and got to know artists such as Picasso and Picabia, who both became his close friends. Back in New York he launched with Stieglitz and Meyer a new magazine named 291 after the gallery. In 1915 he opened with Meyer the Modern Gallery. He left for Europe and organised art exhibitions for twenty years, before returning to Connecticut.


Âne / Magazine / Letterpress / 26.7 x 37.1 cm / New York, 1917 (1993) / © Francis Picabia c/o Sabam, 2020


Journal / Letterpress with photomechanical metal relief images / 20.4 x 27.8 cm / New Brunswick, 1917 (2017)


Ici, c’est ici Steglitz. Foi et amour / Magazine / Letterpress / 28.6 x 43.5 cm / New York, 1915 (1993) / © Francis Picabia c/o Sabam, 2020

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