The Museum of Avant-garde

Walther Petry

Germany (1898—1932)
Born in Magdeburg, Petry was sent to the front to fight in WWI and upon his return he completed his studies with a doctorate in philosophy. To support himself financially he worked as a journalist, writer, editor and freelance translator. He wrote poems such as Der ewige Rausch (The Eternal Intoxication), Angst und Erlösung (Fear and Redemption) based on a nihilist philosophy but he also wrote about German expressionism. He published Die dadaistische Korruption (The Dada Corruption) in 1920. From 1927 he worked for the Magdeburgische Zeitung.

Die dadaistische Korruption

Klarstellung eines erledigten Philosophieversuches / Booklet / Letterpress / 15.7 x 21.2 cm / Berlin, 1920