The Museum of Avant-garde

Karl Schmidt-Rottluff

Germany (1884—1976)
Schmidt-Rottluf started painting coastal landscapes of his birth town. In 1905 he co-founded the group Die Brücke with Kirchner, Bleyl and Heckel. When he moved to Berlin in 1911, he got exposed to the International avant-garde movements. He developed his own style and experimented with other media, styles and techniques, including woodcuts. At the beginning of 1930s he joined the Prussian Academy of Art. Only few years later, under the Nazis regime, his work was declared degenerate and he left Germany. His studio was bombed in 1943. After WWII he became Professor of the University of Arts in Berlin-Charlottenburg.


Eine Zeitschrift für Kunst / 8 issues of periodical with 34 woodcuts, 5 woodcut covers, and 2 lithographs / 20.3 x 29.4 cm / Hamburg, 1921 (1978)

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The angler (Der Angler)

Original woodcut / 15.5 x 21.5 cm / 1923 (1970) / © 2020 Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Der Anbruch

Flugblätter aus der Zeit / Expressionist journal / Letterpress with original woodcuts / 29.1 x 44.7 cm / Wien / Berlin, 1917-1922 (1978)

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