The Museum of Avant-garde

Pavel Filonov

Russia (1883—1941)
After being expelled from St. Petersburg Academy of Arts, Filonov joined the Soyuz Molodyozhi (Union of the Youth) group and worked on its magazine. In 1912 he theorised Analytical Realism in an essay known as The Canon and the Law. After WWI he started to exhibit and became Professor of the same Academy of Arts. He also founded the School Master of Analytical Realism. He died in 1941 during the siege of Leningrad.

A selection of poems with an afterword by the wordsmith: 1907–1914 (Izbornik stikhov s poslesloviem rechiaria. 1907–1914)

Illustrated book / 11 lithographs, lithographed text, and a halftone reproductive print / 13.7 x 19.9 cm / Saint Petersburg, 1915

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