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Maciej Hibner

Maciej Hibner was born Maciej Hübner in 1930 in Warsaw and has been one of the key figures of the Polish School of Posters. Over the course of his career Maciej designed some of the most iconic and sought after posters from this ground-breaking art movement. His work has been shown around the world at exhibitions in London, Paris, Vienna, Rome and Delhi and won numerous awards.

Maciej started his artistic career at college in Lodz, but it was forced to close because of the war. He transferred back to Warsaw and was accepted into Professor Mroszczak’s prestigious studio at the University of Fine Arts, graduating from there in 1955 amongst a raft of fellow graphic design giants including Hubert Hilscher, Jerzy Treutler and Jan Mlodozeniec.

Maciej Hubner enjoyed a long career working as a poster designer on commissions for the Ministry of Arts + Culture during Poland’s Communist years. This included five years working in-house at LOT airlines.

Maciej himself would say that he doesn’t have a distinct style as such; he would approach each and every project as something new and his creative response would be purely attuned to that work rather than a reflection of himself. He can turn his hand to anything; from modernist abstract collages to traditional landscape studies in oil, bold colour-block illustrations and broad brushstroke paintings with an almost ethereal quality. But there is also a tenderness which runs through his work.

Maciej Hübner has a beautiful spirit and a sharp social conscience. Having lived through so much, he is extremely saddened by much of the current direction of political travel. Now in his nineties, Maciej is still painting and designing to this day: ‘I stop when I sleep!’ he jokes.