The Museum of Avant-garde

Béla Uitz

Hungary (1887—1972)
Born in the Kingdom of Hungary (now Romania), Uitz studied in Budapest and exhibited for the first time in 1914. He was publisher of the MA magazine, with Lajos Kassák. In 1920 he moved to Vienna and the following year he travelled to Russia for the III Congress of the Comintern, absorbing the Russian avant-garde and Constructivism principles. Back in Vienna he founded the magazine Egység with Aladár Komját. From 1922 he moved to Paris and contributed to various publications under a pseudonym. Four years later he moved again to Russia and worked at the VKhUTEMAS in Moscow. At the beginning of 1930s he founded with Anton Komashka the International Bureau of Revolutionary Artists. In the following years he created large scale frescos and decorative work for public spaces. He returned to Hungary only in 1970, two years before his death.