The Museum of Avant-garde

Hans Richter

Germany (1888—1976)
Born to a wealthy family in Berlin, Richter studied arts in Berlin, Weimar and Paris. He befriended artists, such as Kirchner, Kandinsky and Pfemfert. In1916 he re-united with his friends in Zürich and was immediately introduced to the Dada movement. He collaborated Tzara, van Doesburg and Emmy Hennings. In 1919 he co-founded the Artistes Radicaux. In 1920 he filmed the abstract movie Rhythmus 21 and edited with Gräff and Mies van der Rohe the magazine G: Material zur elementaren Gestaltung. He moved to New York, teaching at the Institute of Film Technique, City College. He filmed the movie Dreams That Money Can Buy and collaborated to the creation of 8x8: A Chess Sonata in 8 Movements and later Dadascope. He also wrote Dada: Kunst und Antikunst.