The Museum of Avant-garde

Jozef Peeters

Belgium (1895—1960)
After studying at the Antwerp Academy of Fine Arts, Peeters started to paint landscapes and portraits but soon moved to Symbolism, and after meeting Marinetti he turned to Futurism. He co-founded the group Modern Art and connected to the German Der Sturm. From 1920 he moved away from figurative art to focus on abstract subjects and published a series of six linocuts. His interests spammed to interior design and furniture, which he created for his own house. He published Het Overzicht (The Panorama) and De Driehoek (The Triangle). By 1930 he decided to abandon painting and retired.

Het Overzicht

Half-Maandelijks Tijdschrift: Kunst, Letteren, Menshei / Bi-monthly periodical / 23.9 x 32 cm / Antwerp, 1921-1925 / SABAM Belgium 2020


Mélange des langues, enregistre les idées, indique la pression sur tous les méridiens, est polyglotte et supranational / Magazine / 17.5 x 22.5 cm / Lyon, 1922-1928

Lino 1

Original linocut on gold paper / 22.4 x 27.6 cm / 1924

Ça Ira!

Revue mensuelle d’art et de critique / Magazine / Letterpress / 22 x 28.5 / 14 x 22 / Antwerp, 1920-1923

De Driehoek

Maandschrift voor konstruktivistische Kunst / Magazine / 27.5 x 36.5 cm / Antwerp, 1925-1926