The Museum of Avant-garde

Marcel Janco

Romania (1895—1984)
Romanian born Marcel Iancu started his career as an illustrator for Simbolul a symbolist magazine, which he co-edited with Vinea and Tzara. At the onset of WWI he fled to Switzerland with his brother and Tzara and adapted his name into Janco. In Zürich he met Arp, Hülsenbeck, Ball and Hennings and started with them the Dada movement and Cabaret Voltaire. Abandoning Dada for a more Modernist and Constructivist direction, in 1922 he returned to Romania and founded the magazine Contimporanul, dedicated to art, design, architecture. He also set up an architectural practice, the Bureau of Modern Studies. Due to the growing anti-semitism, he relocated to Israel in 1940, and worked as an architect, painter and illustrator. In 1953 he also founded an artistic colony in Ein Hod, near Haifa.