The Museum of Avant-garde

Paul Nougé

Belgium (1895—1967)
Trained as biochemist, Nougé started to spread his ideas as co-editor of the magazine Correspondance, with Camille Goemans and Marcel Lecomte, and founded the first Belgian Communist Party. In 1902 he met the French Surrealists, such as Breton, Aragon, and Éluard. In 1927 he developed a different stream of Surrealism, less a doctrine and more an attitude: he founded the Belgian Surrealist Goup with Goemans, Magritte, Mesens and Souris. The following year he started the magazine Distances. In 1956 he published Histoire de ne pas rire, a collection of essays written over 30 years. In 1966 he completed his poetry collection L’Expérience, experimenting with language, words and phonetics.