The Museum of Avant-garde

Teresa Żarnowerówna

Poland (1895—1949)
After studying at the Warsaw School of Fine Arts, Żarnowerówna (or Żarnower) began working with local artists, such as Stażewski, Maria Łucja Nicz-Borowiakowa and Mieczysław Szczuka, who became her partner. Together they participated in the New Art Exhibition in Vilnius and the International Exhibition in Bucharest and the Arts Club in Warsaw, presenting Spatial Construction Sketch, Typography Compositions and New Compositions. She presented her work at Der Sturm Gallery in Berlin. From 1924 she abandoned painting and sculpture to focus on design, typography and photomontage and architecture design. She co-founded the art group Blok and was co-editor of the related Blok magazine. She also managed the journal Dźwignia after Szczuka’s death. In 1937 she left Poland and travelled through Europe extensively, until she settled in New York until her death in 1949.