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Volt (Vincenzo Fani Ciotti)

Italy (1888—1927)
Born Vincenzo Fani Ciotti, Volt came from a wealthy family from Viterbo. In 1916 he met Marinetti, who convinced him to join Futurism. From this period are Volt’s most significant works, such as Manifesto della moda futurista and La casa futurista. He also wrote Archi voltaici: parole in libertà e sintesi teatrali. He was one of the promoters and creators of the Synthetic Theatre. In 1921 he published his sci-fi novel La fine del mondo (The End of the World).

Archi voltaici

Parole in libertà e sintesi teatrali / Book / Letterpress / 10.3 x 14.7 cm / Milan, 1916

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