The Museum of Avant-garde

Contemporary Collection

The contemporary collection is dedicated to original pieces by creative talents from all over the world, pioneering new artistic approaches, perspectives and techniques in their respective fields of exploration. It will include a diverse selection of disciplines, from graphic design to advertising, photography, illustration, but it will also welcome a conflation of other art forms, paying tribute to a formula widely tested and loved by the avant-garde groups.

The collection will be revealed in autumn 2021 on the MA-g channels and will be on display in a dedicated wing of the Museum site, once the new building is fully restored and ready for its opening to the public in 2024.

The MA-g invites all kindred spirits to join in and take part in this unique project and will accept gladly proposals and submissions from any artists interested in joining its permanent collection, independently from their provenance, years of experience, and professional status. All information regarding the selection will be published on the MA-g official channels in January 2021. Please sign up for updates on the opening and full programme or visit our dedicated section.

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