The Museum of Avant-garde

Hannah Höch

Germany (1889—1978)
After studying at the Berlin School of Applied Arts, Höch started to work as a designer for a publishing company. In 1915 she met Raoul Hausmann, who introduced her to Dada and helped her become one of the most prominent members of the Berlin Dada Group. In these early years she found her language in the photomontage and in 1919 she created her Cut with the kitchen knife Dada through the last Weimar beer-belly cultural epoch of Germany. During 1920s she travelled through Europe and befriended Mondrian, Tzara and Moholy-Nagy. She lived in the Netherlands with Til Brugman for a decade before returning to Germany, where she remained until her death in 1978, continuing to express politically and socially charged themes with her paintings and photomontages.