The Museum of Avant-garde

Joan Miró

Spain (1893—1983)
Born in 1893 by a silversmith and watchmaker, Miró suffered from poor health conditions in young age and once recovered he decided to enrol at the art school run by Galì and later at the Circle Artistic de Sant Lluc until he opened his studio in Barcelona in 1916. Four years later he visited and Paris and met Picasso. Here he also met artists like Paul Éluard, Breton, Max Ernst and Hans Arp but also Hemingway and Ezra Pound. Between 1926 and 1940 he developed his style working on painting, sculpture, objects painting, costume design, painting on Ingres paper, copper and masonite and gouache. His work was represented by Pierre Matisse in US. In 1940 during WWII he decided to leave France and settle in Palma de Majorca. He continued to work with different media including ceramic and travelled to US where he had his solo exhibitions and was commissioned by Walter Gropius murals for Harvard University. He died centenarian on Chistmas day in 1983.