The Museum of Avant-garde

Xanti Schawinsky

Switzerland (1904—1979)
Schawinsky enrolled at the Weimar Bauhaus at the age of 20, attending courses with Moholy-Nagy, Kandinsky, Klee, Gropius, Meyer and Schlemmer for stage workshop. He created his first piece – Circus – staged in 1925. In these years he developed his Spectrodrama but worked also as a graphic and set designer before returning to Bauhaus under Meyer’s direction to teach stage design. In his rich and diverse career he also created a number of paintings and enjoyed playing saxophone.

Dancer (Tänzerin)

Original photography / Gelatin silver print / 27.8 x 37.6 cm / 1929 (1990)

Stair spook (Treppenspuk)

Original photography / Gelatin silver print / 28 x 37.7 cm / 1925 (1990)

Die Bühne im Bauhaus

Illustrated book / 17.4 x 24.8 cm / Munich, 1924 (1974)