The Museum of Avant-garde

Yves Tanguy

France (1900—1955)
Tanguy met Pierre Matisse at early age, he travelled to South America and was called by the French Army to Tunis, where he met Jacques Prévert. Back in Paris he discovered De Chirico’s work and decided to become a painter. In 1924 he met André Breton, who introduced him to Surrealism and collaborated with other Surrealist artists. In 1930 he signed the second Manifest Surrealiste. His fame and reputation grew over time until in 1939 he and his new wife Kay Sage moved to US, where he continued to work and exhibit at Pierre Matisse’s exhibitions. After breaking up his friendship with Breton, he visited Max Ernst and Dorothea Tanning in Arizona, but also travelled to Italy and France. He took part in Richter’s film 8x8. He died suddenly in 1955.