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Tom Geismar

Tom Geismar, founding partner of Chermayeff & Geismar – now Chermayeff & Geismar & Haviv – is a pioneer in graphic design. During his career he has distinguished himself for the clarity of his reductive design, identifying concepts that show incredible adaptability across media and the striking power to remain relevant and timeless.

With more than 60 years experience in graphic design, Tom has created trademarks and identities for a wide range of organizations, such as Chase Bank, Mobil, PBS (Public Broadcasting Service), National Geographic, UNDP, and Rockefeller Center.

His design vision has also found fertile ground in the area of exhibition design, where he combines his research and curating skills with an acute eye and a strong desire to clarify complex issues in a dramatic way. His work for the Statue of Liberty Museum, the United States Pavilion at the Osaka Expo ’70, and a series of exhibitions for the Library of Congress are only a few of the many projects in which he seamlessly combined architecture and interior design with graphic design, film and copywriting.

His imaginative creative explorations have produced some of the most recognizable and radical logotypes and identities, and have gained him the AIGA medal in 1979, the Art Directors Club Hall of Fame in 1998, the Presidential Design Award and in 2014 the National Design Award for Lifetime Achievement.