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Created by Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova around 1911 in Russia, Rayonism was started after its founding members left Jack of Diamonds and Donkey’s Tail groups. Their intent was to create a form of expression that would deconstruct all elements from the object except for its light reflections: what was left to exhibit on canvas were the bold colours, fragmented lines and intersections shining through as rays. Strongly inspired by Futurism, the movement often favoured modernity in its themes, in line with the scientific discoveries and technical advancements. Although Rayonism was deeply rooted in the Russian pre-revolution culture and embedded and element of nationalism, at the same time it claimed art universality, in the search of that forth dimension, a sense of consciousness needed to reach its ultimate goal of transcendence.


Natalia Goncharova
Michael Larionov
Vladimir Tatlin